Frequently Asked Questions

submit a hacking request via any of the encrypted channels listed thus TELEGRAM , SKYPE , EMAIL US You can chat live with an agent that will take your enquiries and assign a pro hacker for your task.
Yes. Your comunication is secure private and confidential. We have encrytped means of communication and we do not store our clients chats and credentials which makes our proof system very safe as we do not take a peek into what is not meant to be looked at.
We have a no upfront payment policy only that only covers clients in the USA, CANADA AND UK REGIONS AND ONLY APPLICABLE TO MOBILE PHONE HACKS. All other type of services are subject to pay as you hack policy.
We accept payments via any of the cryptocurrency listed thus; Bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin. If you do not know how to buy bitcoin, Watch the video: On Youtube! .
if bitcoin is illegal or banned in your area please contact us for a way around it.